Jevon Priester

Portable Crane

The Mobile Lift System uses a CXT electric overhead crane connected to a steel structure that sits on a base made from two standard ISO shipping containers. This system allows you to lift on virtually any surface.  Learn more about the CXT Explorer.

Column Lifts

Want the flexibility of lifting vehicles anywhere? Today you need to work inside and tomorrow outside?  Column Lifts are the perfect answer.  Safely lift a wide range of Heavy Duty vehicles quickly and efficiently anywhere.

Trailer Jacks

With TrestleJack a wheel can be elevated for quick tire change or brake maintenance in around 10 seconds.  Save time and increase safety while conducting trailer maintenance or tire changes with TrestleJack.

Payload Elevation

 Payload elevation systems available for all possible scenarios.  Some systems can elevate up to 120' others are robust enough to handle payloads over 1100 lbs. Discuss your project with us and let's work together to create a system that can meet or exceed your requirements.  

Light Towers

With a quality light tower it is possible to get more than 1/2 acre of well-lit coverage area.  Vehicle based, trailer based , and fixed LED light systems are available.  Perfect for rescue scene lighting, conducting vehicle recovery, law enforcement, and construction.  Mobile Security and Camera Solutions are also available.