What does this mean to me? I think I learned something yesterday.


I learned somethings yesterday at AUSA while working my booth #7845.  I had alot of great conversations, but there seemed to be a one thing that stood out.  Everyone liked the booth because it really looked cool.  It didn't hurt that I had a group of great people hanging out with me, but every conversation I had seemed to have the same theme.  "What does this mean to me?"  After all of the oogling of the MLS and the capability speeches, people still asked that question.  When I said you can pull a pack out of a M1 Abrams, M2A3 Bradley, or a Stryker suddenly I had their attention.  Use this to install Remote Weapon Systems or swap Final Drives.  There was a real spark that meant they started to develop their own vision of how this could improve their situation.

So it's cool to talk stats, but you have to make that information relate to something that means something in their life.  It helps to ask better questions and figure out why they even entertained your conversation.  So no matter how good you look or funny your jokes are it does not mean anything if there is nothing for them to measure the product against or to give it real value in their life, project, or mission