Improvisation in Sustainment

vehicle Maintenance.jpg

Anticipation, integration, continuity, responsiveness, and improvisation.  Are you focused on the master plan and the goals of your organization?  You know the direction that you are heading in, but have you planned to deal with the unexpected?  You must anticipate sudden unexpected demand.  Let's call it the surge.  How can you multiply your efforts to handle the surge? Will you need more manpower, additional training, or equipment?

From a sustainment point of view, maintenance personnel should should have a mastery of the skills necessary for them to perform their duties as efficiently as possible.  If they have the best training possible are there other areas that may cause a bottleneck and choke your productivity?  Let's consider the need to create multiple operation cells that replicate an existing process, but allow you to scale as large as necessary to better handle the surge.  

Setting up a Mobile Lift System can allow you the ability establish multiple work cells inside or outside in field locations. Create a Field Service Center at a Mine, jobsitesite, or other austere environment.  With the Mobile Lift system you have the flexibility to create a work area almost spontaneously react to whatever challenges you a currently facing.  As long as you have reasonably level ground, trained personell,and appropriate material handling assets on-hand.  a MLS can be erected without and prior planning virtually anywhere.