Why the Mobile Lift System makes sense

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The Mobile Lift System is an electric overhead crane that rides over a steel structure, that sits on top of two standard ISO shipping containers. The design, functionality, and capability of the Mobile Lift System has been tested for over 3 years in Finland by performing various military related logistics and support tasks.  It can help you become more productive than ever.  This system allows its users the ability to lift payloads with a precision only found inside of motorpools, warehouses, and manufacturing centers. Connect it to the proper power source or generator and enjoy the ability to lift anywhere.  This makes it the valuable tool for anyone who has needs that can change frequently.


At home in Commercial and Industrial settings 

Upon 1st glance you may not realize you need a mobile Lift System. A Mobile Lift System might be a Project Managers new best friend.  Is your company introducing a new product line in the near future?  Validate the new process with a Mobile Lift System indoors or setup an assembly area outdoors.  Not ready to take on the expense of installing a permanent overhead crane?  Consider using a Mobile Lift System instead.  Is there a surge of orders coming in and you can’t deal with it?  Get a Mobile Lift System today and expand your capacity.

For Military applications

Military forklifts often can’t go where the maintenance team needs them.  Wrecker operators are usually tasked to support more important operations than assist with PMCS or pulling Final Drives in M2A3 Bradleys or M1 Abrams. The Mobile Lift System is a tool that Uncle Sam currently does not have in his toolbox. Anyone who has done any services on combat vehicles in garrison and in the field will understand how much better life would be with a Mobile Lift System available to them.  This thing will improve the quality of life and uplift Espirit de corps when maintenance is able to perform at quicker tempo than they previously could.  Take it to Annual training, take it on a FTX, take it to NTC, JRTC, take it to your next Forward Operating Base and see how much better life will be.  Maintenance will thank you and the company will thank you.

For Expeditionary Applications

Many projects require the worksite to move from location to location.  Fabrication Teams that travel to provide Shore Support for Oil & Gas industry.  Mod Teams and Field Support personnel that move from site to site to provide equipment upgrades and services.  Repair Teams that service turbines are
This was just a few people of the people who could benefit from buying or renting a Mobile Lift System.  Contacts us to discuss your application.

Don’t they say, “Work smarter not harder”?  With the Mobile Lift System you can.