Expeditionary Maintenance (How a Mobile Crane can help)

MLS on the Move2.PNG

Continued success does not happen by accident.  It takes planning and preparation to be able to respond to future contingences. Take a look back at the training you have had and past situations, leverage that to prepare for whatever may come next.

Fixed Forward Operating bases with all infrastructure in place maybe a thing of the past.  Focusing on the needs of Expeditionary operations requires some thought.  Future locations maybe very austere and lacking infrastructure, power, and communications.  

The Mobile Lift System (MLS) was designed to address maintenance needs of Expeditionary units.  All components of the MLS fit inside of a single ISO container for storage and shipment.  The shipping container can be manipulated and moved via all of the military’s current material handling devices.  When the host shipping container arrives at its destination the MLS components are removed from the shipping container.  Then MLS container is paired up with another 20’ ISO Shipping container and they are positioned in appropriate locations so that crane can be erected.  Suitable power source is connected and then the crane is ready for use.

The MLS helps G3/S3 and G4/S4 better address the needs of Combatant Commanders.  The Field Deployable MLS allows maintenance points to quickly be established and operated at the lowest possible echelon.  With a capability that matches what is currently only available in garrison motor pools.  The MLS is a tool that theater leaders and subordinate commands can use to prepare for future requirements, emerging needs, and disaster response.

Jevon Priester
Product Manager
CXT Explorer, Mobile Lift System