Did anyone talk to the maintenance team before we started this?

Preventive Maintenance.jpg

Have you developed concept of support that helps meet the concept of operation(CONOPS) requirement for each operation plan?  Let's say you are planning something big and you have almost no margin for error. The material arrives on-time and the personnel do what is expected of them and a machine breaks down and halts your whole operation.  Did you give the maintenance team enough time to perform required preventive maintenance?  Did you build additional time into your schedule for equipment service and inspection?  Take the time to get input from your maintenance team.  Are there any before operations and during operations inspections and preventative maintenance actions that can take place to mitigate the chance for disaster? 

A mobile crane maybe just what you need to save the day.  Its always a good idea to have a service agreement in place so that your equipment is always in top working order.  There are components that should periodically be replaced to avoid the chance for catastrophic failure.  It is good idea to build time into your production plan to allow scheduled maintenance to happen so that you have a less of a chance for unplanned mechanical failures to happen. If you find yourself in a jam the problem maybe less severe than if maintenance was neglected. 

A tool like the Mobile Lift System can save the day if you find yourself in a pinch a need a overhead crane to help support and unplanned production emergency.  The Mobile Lift System can also be taken onsite and used to help with Field production or Maintenance. 

If you would like more information on the Mobile Lift System, or scheduling crane maintenance contact us to let us know. www.jcpsg.us