Nobody has got time for a Musket!

Mobile Lift System getting ready to pull the Engine on a Leopard Tank.

Mobile Lift System getting ready to pull the Engine on a Leopard Tank.

Why is necessity is the mother of invention?  Once upon a time somewhere there was some guy who missed his shot.  Now he is faced with impending doom because his prey is now coming to attack him.  His only line of defense is his Musket, but it's only useful after he is able to pour in the gunpowder, insert his bullet, pack the barrel, and take aim at his target before its too late, pull the trigger and hope that the flint sparks the gunpowder and things go boom.  

In your own life it is necessary make an appraisal of your current capabilities and your capacity to get the job done.  Are the tools you are currently using merily just enough to get the job done?  Or are they holding you back from greatness?  You have a mission to do and as a professional  people expect to get the job done no matter what, as quickly as possible.  If your fortunate enough to be among those who can be sent to operate in any area of the world. You are expected to have all your mission essential equipment with you wherever you go. Your also expected to have the best equipment possible for your task.

The Boom Crane has it place and its strengths, but like the Musket in certain scenarios ain't nobody got time for that.  The Mobile Lift System is just one example of a tool that came out of necessity.  Its fast, its precise, and its efficient.  It can help get the job done faster than other options depending on the scenario.  Evaluate your operation and determine what will help you or your team to increase productivity.

Perhaps we can have a talk about options that are available to you.  

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