Portable Overhead Crane for 2 Level Maintenance

MLS with Remote weapon system MAxxpro

As you know the Army has instituted a two level maintenance plan for weapons and equipment. The two categories: field-level maintenance and sustainment-level maintenance. Field-level maintenance is performed in maintenance facilities, motor pools, mobile shops, or in the tactical environment.  Sustainment-level maintenance is performed at depots, Field support brigades, Army field support battalions, and logistics readiness centers.

The Mobile Lift System has the ability to support the Army’s posture in OCONUS locations, prepositioned equipment stocks, and enhance the National Guards foreign and domestic capability.  Whether we are providing security forces in Africa or South America; or operating in Kuwait and Europe; or deploying contingency forces around the world. 

The US Army and NATO forces must have the necessary tools available to support Maintenance efforts.  The Mobile Lift System is a go anywhere Portable Crane that offers the precision lift capability that duplicates the safety, speed, and control only found in the facilities of a depot or Motor pool without the need for permanent infrastructure.  The Mobile Lift System (MLS) is the tool that will enable more maintenance tasks to be performed at the lowest possible echelon. 

The MLS offers its users the ability to quickly and safely position a load anywhere along the X, Y, and Z axis.  There is maximum lift capability anywhere inside its defined footprint.  This defined footprint will enable quartering parties to better allocate sufficient space to maintenance units when camps are being established.  The MLS does not have any of the limitations associated with a Boom Crane.  It also minimizes dangers typically present when boom cranes are moving thru the maintenance operations area.