Portable Overhead Crane for Retrograde or Extraction

Merrill Mobile Lift System loading a truck

Merrill Mobile Lift System loading a truck

Material Handling Equipment is a requirement for successful drawdown and retrograde.  It should be kept forward to the very end of operations in each area. Equipment must stay mission capable and that may be difficult because as retrograde continues there will be a lack of repair parts, units may have to resort to cannibalization and/or controlled substitution to keeps its equipment functional.

The Merrill Mobile Lift System has the ability to assist in many ways. MLS can be dedicated to the loading and unloading of equipment that needs to be transported.  When units prepare for transfer or closure.  There will be a surge of work and a flurry of activity.  As transports and flatbed trucks are arriving and departing the Mobile Lift System can help streamline operations.  Its overhead lift capability makes loading and unloading happen quickly and safely.

The Mobile Lift System does not does not have and distinct military markings could be considered a “White” item (commercial off-the-shelf item)it could be disposed of like other white equipment including computers, televisions, washing machines, and non-tactical vehicles (NTVs). Because white equipment does not have distinct military markings, it could possibly be transferred to the host nation or left behind depending on situation mission terrain and economics.

The MLS offers its users the ability to quickly and safely position a load anywhere along the X, Y, and Z axis.  Compared to a mobile Boom crane, the Mobile Lift System is simple to operate and does not require a dedicated crane operator. It delivers true lifting capacity up to 6.3 metric tons (13,900 lbs) in a relatively small footprint. It is no longer necessary to have a mobile boom cranes or wrecker with a qualified operator hanging around to support crane operations. The ROI on the Merrill Mobile Lift System is just a few months.